As the global pandemic deepens and the human cost of Covid-19 rises, the novel coronavirus outbreak is sending shocks through the world economy. But across industries, companies can take action now to protect their employees and customers and minimize the economic damage.



Covid-19: Implications for Healthcare Private Equity Investors

Most leaders remain firmly in a protection mode, working to ensure the safety of their people and the continuity of their business. Their management teams are scattered around the globe, and their people are worried about their job security. Their supply chains are broken. Their Asia-based call centers have disappeared, as workers have been forced home without laptops, broadband or phones. At the same time, their employees are trying to homeschool their children or protect parents and grandparents from the Covid-19 virus. And they’re facing immense uncertainty: They don’t know how fast they will recover or what the world will be like when we come out of the pandemic.

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Media & Entertainment

Telcos’ Coronavirus Game Plan for Serving Customers

Telcos can take strategic actions to better serve customers in the new normal and quickly emerge from the Covid-19 crisis stronger.



Telcos’ Coronavirus Game Plan for Serving Customers

What the CEOs of the 2020s can learn from the business leaders of the 1940s as they confront Covid-19.

Energy & Natural Resources

Telcos’ Coronavirus Game Plan for Serving Customers

The Covid-19 crisis has caused significant disruptions to the global commodities supply chain, putting energy and natural resource companies on a complex obstacle course to recovery.


Go-to-market Strategy

Telcos’ Coronavirus Game Plan for Serving Customers

Commercial leaders are setting up a revenue “win room” where they can think the unthinkable, sharpen their sales focus and accelerate their sales cadence.



Luxury after Covid-19: Changed for (the) Good?

Sales could fall up to 35% this year, but companies can still emerge stronger, more innovative and more purposeful.

Service Design & Operations

A Customer Experience Leader’s Checklist for Responding to Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping how customers and businesses interact, especially on digital platforms. This checklist can help CX leaders map a path forward.


Private Equity

Coping with Coronavirus: How Private Equity Firms Can Focus on What Matters Most

PE leaders are scrambling to keep up with the Covid-19 crisis. What they need is a practical way to assess risk company by company and prioritize the most effective response.


Telcos and Coronavirus: Three Steps to Manage the Crisis

Telcos have a vital role to play in helping communities respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus May Inspire A Great Retooling

Many CEOs understand that we are entering the “Great Retooling,” a time when they have the right and the duty to question everything they know about business. 

The innovative choices that help them serve customers during the current crisis could fundamentally redefine the company’s future. They can equip themselves to survive and thrive in a more turbulent world ahead—one of disruption from climate change, evolving globalization, technology and more.

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